Short review from 40 years history book

Since 1968, Harju Elekter has evolved into one of the biggest producers of electrical equipment and material in the Baltic States, and a well-known and recognised business partner in the Baltic Sea region. Harju Elekter’s main business is the development, manufacturing and sales of equipment required for the distribution and transmission of electricity into the energy sector (substations, distribution boards), the industrial sector (automation and control boards, medium voltage switching equipment), and for infrastructure and the construction sector (distribution and connection cabinets). In addition, output and sheet metal products directed towards the telecommunications sector are manufactured, industrial real estate is developed and managed and retailing and wholesaling is dealt with. Harju Elekter’s shares are listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange.

The production activities of companies in the Harju Elekter Group meets the international quality standard ISO 9001 and the environmental management standard ISO 14001. Properly planned investments have guaranteed manufacturing capacities that support the continued expansion of the Group and the satisfaction of client needs in strategic markets. In Estonia, Finland and Lithuania, Harju Elekter has a total of 15 hectares of manufacturing and service land, with over 64 000 sq.m of modern manufacturing and office premises.

The date of Harju Elekter’s establishment is considered to be July 1968, when, at the initiative of legendary manager Sulev Kivimäe, the manufacturing of wiring cable began at Harju KEK. Wire cable manufacturing was followed by the manufacturing of project-based electrical boards. Due to high demand, existing products continued to be developed further and the range of products expanded rapidly. In the early years of Harju Elekter, original technologies had to be introduced for the manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment, lighting fi ttings, cable and also acetylene. The company developed and placed into production patented original products such as voltage stabilisers, reactive power compensators, automation boards and switchboard equipment and substations, and marketed them all across the Soviet Union. Harju Elekter has always considered innovation to be very important in developing and introducing both products and product assortments, as well as in the development of manufacturing processes and technology.

Developments in the fi eld have been followed constantly, and the best practices from around the world employed. The engineering staff at the company has been assembled based on the needs of electrical construction and automatics and has become increasingly stronger over the years.

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