Transformer Substations in a Concret Enclosure - HEKA

The HEKA prefabricated substations have been developed for the transformation of 6… 24/0.4 kV medium voltage power for the use of consumers. These units include low and medium voltage switchgear equipment, circuit protection devices, a transformer, as well as all necessary wiring and accessories.


Substations enclosures made out of reinforced concrete are available with several types of exterior fi nishing (plain concrete, crushed granite surfacing, simulated brick fi nish, painted as well as smooth surfacing). The units that can be accessed from the outside have an integrated base for cabling; those that can be maintained from the inside have separate base modules. The units can be lifted and transported after the electrical equipment has been installed; though, once the transformer has been added, consultation with the manufacturer is advised



Available with one to five chambers; air or SF6 insulation switching (for example, ABB SafeRing; Siemens 8DJ20 and 8DH10, Schneider RM6 and SM6, Eaton Holec Xiria).

                 SM6                                          RM6                                              8DJH                                          XIRIA                                           CTVT



available with up to 2500 A rated current in various confi gurations and equipped with a choice of fuses and automatic circuit breakers for the outputs. Additional options: areas for metering and billing, sections for providing street lighting, and reactive-power compensation



Power transformers that are rated up to 2x1600 kVA are available either submerged in oil or in a dry state. In order to prevent environmental damage, the units have an integrated oil collector in the base. The substations are pre-equipped with the necessary cabling for connections to low and medium voltage switching equipment.



The substations are equipped with loops for lifting hooks. The base, enclosure and roof should be lifted separately. The base contains the cabling. On-site installation steps include the preparation of the fl oor base and the external connections. Each unit includes manuals for installation and use.



The prefabricated substations have been manufactured and tested according to the standards IEC 61330 and IEC 62271-202. All components contained in the unit conform to these standards.


 Walk-in prefabricated concrete enclosure substations:



Non Walk-in prefabricated concrete enclosure substations:

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