Power Distribution and Metering Cabinets HETR (IP34D)

The HETR series of cabinets has been designed for use in low voltage line applications, the protection of the consumer supply lines, energy consumption metering, and the limiting of current.



The enclosure is made of 2 mm thick, galvanized sheet metal with a powder-coated fi nish in grey (RAL 7032). The cabinet door is removable and is equipped with a lock (triangular for the metering cabinet and round in the distribution cabinet).
On the sides of the enclosure, there are closable openings for temporary cable connections. The power devices are installed in the enclosure either on busbars or a mounting plate.
For protection against weather related conditions, the enclosure has an overhanging roof. The accumulation of condensation is limited by a double roof and a drain in the base. Ventilation for the cabinet is provided through openings. The degree of protection with the door closed is IP 34D; IP20 when the door is removed. The wiring of the cabinets conforms to the TN-C system and the rated operating voltage is 230/400V.
The product range includes both power distribution and metering cabinets in similar enclosures with a partitioning wall and separate doors for each functional area.


The standard product includes a copper busbar with 185mm separation for the installation of low voltage HRC stripe fuses (400 A, 630 A, or 160 A with adapters). Through the use of proper protection and work methods, devices can be added and removed when the electrical cabinet is in use.


The standard product includes a main switch, a mounting plate for electricity meters, marked wiring, a sealable protective cover, input and output terminals, and triangular key(s). The area with unmetered power lines can be sealed. The standard product does not include electricity meters, a timing device for different metering rates, or main circuit breakers.


The cabinets have been designed for fi xed installation in outdoor conditions at ground level on an adjustable base (setable at a height between 400 and 900 mm), or wall mounted through the use of brackets. Installation on a concrete base with anchor bolts is also possible.
The HETR enclosures can be mounted next to each other through the use of bolts and rivet nuts located on the sides. For this purpose, the rivet nuts on the bolt head side have to be drilled and the enclosures affi xed together with M8x35 bolts. The cables can be fed from one cabinet to another through bushings in the lower part of the enclosure.



The HETR series of cabinets are manufactured in accordance with the standards EN 60439-1, EN 60439-3, and EN 60439-5.


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