Power Connection and Metering Cabinets for Pole or Wall Installations - HELK (IP34D)

The HELK series of electrical power connection cabinets are designed for metering power, limiting current, protecting circuits and switching between the power grid and the consumer at the connection point. These cabinets can also be mounted on utility poles with transformers in order to measure and control electric power in the grid.


The enclosure is made of 1.5 mm thick, galvanized sheet metal and is painted with an ultraviolet-resistant powder coating (RAL 7032). The door can be removed and is equipped with a lock (customer-specifi c locks are available).
The contents of the HELK series of cabinets are protected from rain through the overhanging top edge, the double-layered roof prevents condensation and openings are provided for ventilation. The level of protection with the door closed is IP 34D; inside it is IP 20. The protective covers are made of a transparent polycarbonate. The conductors are arranged in the TN-C system with a rated voltage of 230/400 V.


The standard versions include the main switch, a meter mounting plate with fasteners, marked cables with ferrules, plastic protective covers that can be sealed, input and output terminals as well as a lock key. The section with the conductors that are not metered can be sealed. The standard products do not come with meters, timers for different tariff rates or main circuit breakers.


The standard product versions include a meter mounting plate with fasteners, marked cables with ferrules as well as input and output terminals. The direct measuring cabinet has one main switch and three 000-size fuse switch disconnectors (without fuses) or electronic circuit breakers. The transformer measuring cabinet contains current transformers 150/5 A 0.2 S and three 000-size fuse switch disconnectors (without fuses) or electronic circuit breakers.
The standard versions do not come with meters or timers for varying tariff rates.


The cabinets are designed for outdoor installation on utility poles through the use of hardware, at ground level on top of a base or on walls together with mounting hardware.



The HELK series of cabinets conform to the standards EVS-EN 60439-1, EVS-EN 60439-3 and EVS-EN 60439-5. The product has received the FIMKO certifi cate with the number 21945.


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sales manager
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