Customized Solutions, Made in Series

In our rapidly changing world, the effi cient and fl exible use of resources is the key. Under these conditions, standard devices often do not fi t the requirements. The answer lies in intelligent, tailor-made solutions realized in a timely and cost-effective manner.









Our proposal:

Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika has the engineering know-how as well as the technical resources to develop, manufacture and buffer stock the solution that matches the needs of your customers. Through outsouring, you convert fi xed into variable costs, minimize your risks, and re-focus on your core competencies and business activities. The result is a complete product, including documentation and services – all from a single source.

Our way forward:

The optimal solution is realized as a project in close cooperation with our partner. The product specifi cations are defi ned through dialogue and analysis of the application needs. Engineering development of the matching solution leads to prototypes and the start of series manufacturing.
In our in-house facilities, series production typically begins with the forming of galvanized or stainless steel sheet metal enclosures, continues through their protective coating and sealing, and ends with completely assembled equipment that exactly fi t a particular application in form and function. Before delivery, each product undergoes strict quality assurance procedures that eliminate the need for incoming stock control.
Our supply agreements with leading electrical component manufacturers as well as substantial purchasing volume give you a broad choice of compatible, high quality, yet cost-effective devices. In addition to our 45 assembly specialists and 10,300 m2 of fl oor space, fl exible resources are available to further expand capabilities.
Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika continuously optimizes its manufacturing processes through the use of enterprise resource planning software. The company has been regularly re-certifi ed to be in compliance with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2000 as well as the environmental standard ISO 14001:2004.
Examples of products that have been developed and are being manufactured include electrical cabinets, automation equipment and connection boxes for diverse applications.



Example 1: Electrical cabinets for energy distribution and IT applications:

These sheet metal enclosures are covered with a protective powder coating. An automated, sealing element inserting machine allows for uniform material placement; high IP protection levels can thus be reached. Such fully-assembled, OEM products have been adapted to meet the local standards in our partners’ markets.



Example 2: Control devices for ground source heat pumps:

These pre-assembled, electrical panels have been designed to be mounted during fi nal installation in cabinets along with water fl ow control hardware. In this application, know-how in circuit protection is matched with automation technologies to provide control functions for this rapidly developing alternative energy heating solution.



Example 3: Power connection boxes for maritime applications:

These specially-designed, sheet metal enclosures are used as ship cabin power connection points. The product has been certified by Germanischer Lloyd and proven to be resistant to both moisture and vibrations. Flame retardant, halogen-free cabling is used for added safety. This system of circuit breakers along with signaling equipment helps keep power onboard Finnish-built cruise ships safely under control.



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