About us

Harju Elekter has been manufacturing electrical equipment since 1968. The operation of the Harju Elekter Group is can be divided into two business segments – firstly production and secondly real estate and all other activities. The Parent company AS Harju Elekter include the coordination of the co-operation within the Group, management of subsidiaries and related companies through their supervisory and management boards, management of finances and investments of the Group and management of development and expansion activities. The parent company is also responsible for administrative and lease arrangements of production premises and for the professional operation of the corporate stores of Harju Elekter. There is a small commerce group with a number of electrical appliances stores which also include in Harju Elekter.

There are three 100% subsidiaries in the Harju Elekter Group. Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika (situated in Keila, Estonia) produces equipment for power distribution networks (substations, cable distribution cabinets and switchboards), industrial control and automation systems for the energy and industrial sectors as well as for public utilities. AS Harju Elekter Teletehnika (Keila, Estonia) core business is the manufacturing of sheet metal products for the needs of data communication networks and telecom companies. Finnish companies – Satmatic Oy  and Finnkumu Oy - situated in Ulvila and Kurikka, produce equipment for power distribution network, industrial control and automation systems for the energy and industrial sectors and pre-fabricated substations for energy serctor. In October 2003 Harju Elekter purchased 51% of shares and inclreased it to 100% in 2015 in Lithuanian company UAB Rifas. Its core business is the manufacture and sale of electrical control and distribution units and the design and installation of industrial automation equipment. In 2010, sales company, Group’s subsidiary Harju Elekter AB (HE participation 90%. The activities of the company is suspended for an unspecified term since 1.4.2014) was founded in Sweden for sale of the Group's products in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

The shares of Harju Elekter are quoted on Tallinn Stock Exchange since 1997.